We offer an unbiased choice of textures, colours and brick types available from both UK and European manufacturers, providing a large range of products to our customers. It is our aim to assist the customer by locating and sourcing cost effective options to meet any design brief and offer ranges of facings that are suitable to the proposed site.

Local plants in the South West are based in Swanage and Bristol, these works produce a majority of wirecut/extruded and handmades. From further afield, we source stocks, waterstrucks and simulated handmades, as well as a range off reclaims. For restoration products, we can supply a range of bespoke made stock and handmade bricks best suited to match existing schemes.

Special bricks are becoming more and more popular in new schemes, there is no doubt that thy add to the aesthetic and overall look of a completed project, not to mention adding quality to the completed architecture. Brick specials are available in most brick types and in the majority of situations are used on sensitive areas of the building often prone to frost attack, therefore, all brick specials are fully frost resistant and produced to British Standard.  To overcome any urgent requirements, a large selection of specials are available immediately in red, buff and blue, in both wirecut and smooth finishes. These include plinths, bullnose bricks, cappings and copings.

Brick specials can also be produced in a cut and bond, where the bricks are made to the specification of the customer from a wide range of brick types to match with facings.

Brick arches can be manufactured from drawings to suit a design in either individually produced bricks or cut from oversized bricks. Prefabricated arches are available in a standard format, light weight block backed or concrete backed for structural use.

Glazed bricks are available in many sizes and formats, from brick to block size in a range of colours to suit the build requirements.