Brick Matching Service



Here at South West Brick & Stone we are proud to offer a completely free brick matching service for our customers. We know that finding the right product to fit into an existing area is sometimes difficult so our experienced sales representatives are more than equipped to help you make the right decision. From finding a brick to match an existing building for an extension or restoration project to choosing a product for a new build to suit the surroundings we are happy to help at no cost.

Our sales representatives are always on the road in the South West and know the local area well, meaning they can often tell from experience the main products used in a specific area, though we are always happy to drop by the site to double check. If we are not available straight away we can almost always match from photographs emailed to us, as long as there is enough information provided.


Recently a local builder enquired after our assistance during a job as he required a match to the existing property to brick up a doorway. One of the team went down to the property to take a look and discovered that the house (left & right) was built from a previously discontinued brick that we could no longer source. We always considerat the up-close face of the brick and an overall look to ensure that the product we recommend is the best option available.

Using their knowledge of the current products available we were able to offer a close match (above) that would suit the build and would not be noticeably different. In this instance we supplied the bricks and arranged for them to be delivered straight to site, however after the match is made there are no strings attached.