Project Management

We offer a full service to our customers from the very beginning of the project, assisting with all manner of issues and queries to help the project run smoothly. We are able to help our customers with any early feasibility issues as we have a wide range of knowledge and can provide guidance towards the best and most appropriate products to use.

In order to assist our customers with any early feasibility issues, we are able to quantify and schedule requirements from any initial drawings available, this helps us to provide a detailed and fully scheduled quotation. From the information provided to us by the customer and the drawings, we aim to present an unbiased selection of appropriate materials for the customer to choose from, guiding them towards the most suitable to the brief provided.

On commencement of the project, our team are available to visit site to discuss with the customer the requirement and provide assistance to ensure an appropriate delivery schedule is put in place for any product in use. This ensures that the required programme and dates are met, guaranteeing control of the scheme for start to finish.

Our team are always on the end of the phone to help manage contracts throughout the project and provide help and support arranging samples, deliveries and assist with any other queries.