With our Brick Matching Service we can help you correctly identify, match and research the brick or stone materials previously used in the area local to your proposed site. This will help you to navigate the planning application process more efficiently, produce an aesthetically pleasing site and assist with budgeting.

This unique service is free of charge and a member of our team will visit your site to collect information about the local area and the products used. We will then research the existing products in the area to allow us to produce a detailed, unbiased report for you including photographs and details of the brick and stone products already in use in the area, along with those of the proposed site. We will also provide further information on suitable products that we recommend to either complement or contrast with the local materials.

For expert help matching your bricks just follow the steps below, complete the form, attach your images and submit your request. 


Stand about 1 metre from the brick you wish to match and take a photo. This will show us the colour and texture of the brick.


Stand about 2 metres from the brickwork and take a photo. This will help us to suggest a suitable match or an alternative.


If the brick you are trying to match is part of a larger scheme then please send us a photo so we can check for colour variation and bond pattern.


Complete the form and upload your images.

3 step form
Maximum upload size: 516MB
Maximum upload size: 516MB
Maximum upload size: 516MB